An Artsy Afternoon at Poplar Grove

Just in time for the month of love and Valentine's Day, several of our lovely elders recently spent some quality time socializing over an all-time favorite activity: ART!

With rich imaginations, colorful cups of acrylic, and paintbrushes in hand, these ladies transformed thick sheets of paper into gorgeous flowers, each one as unique and beautiful as its artist. Inspired by nature's real-life, counterparts, these roses boasted beautiful blues and yellows, reds and oranges, and a yellow, blue and pink posy embellished with circles and squiggles for added texture and depth.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. - Pablo Picasso

Art is one of the most popular senior activities at Green House® Cottages of Poplar Grove, and for good reason. It keeps elders' minds active, hones their dexterity and fine motor skills, and reduces stress and anxiety. Among its many benefits are accessibility and inclusivity. Nearly everyone, even seniors with mobility and verbal challenges, can dive into the wonderful world of ART.

Drawing, painting, and crafting are just a few forms that art can take. They are familiar and relaxing activities that most seniors have been enjoying for a lifetime. During their time around the art table, our Little Rock elders share treasured memories, unlock hidden talents, and compliment each other's creations—the ultimate self-esteem boost!

Stay tuned for more creative expressions from our amazing artsy elders!

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