Fun Times in Winter Wonderland

Just two weeks into the new year, our state was hit with widespread wintry weather. While south Arkansas got mostly sleet, the rest of the state was transformed into a stunning winter wonderland.

A frosty three inches of snow blanketed central Arkansas. This area typically sees four inches in an entire year, and in two days' time we're already 75% there!

A steady, hours-long snowfall has a way of slowing the world down to a quiet hush. At Green House® Cottages of Poplar Grove, elders and nursing staff looked on with wide grins and happy hearts. While many seniors enjoyed the scene from a comfortable, cozy spot by the fireplace, others bundled up and ventured out.

One particular "kid at heart" was struck by the urge to play, and a string of snowball fights ensued. She and her fun-loving accomplice (a.k.a. staff member) took a brisk stroll around campus, with her makeshift launcher, a plastic cup packed with fresh, soft snow, at the ready in her gloved hands. One amicable ambush after another, staff and fellow elders joined in her frosty fun. One played defense with his shovel-turned-sheild, and another returned fire with a little snowball of his own!

We have so many senior activities to enjoy here at our Little Rock cottages, and for a brief, memorable time, a surprise snowfall gave us one more! We'll always remember our first snowy days of 2024, and we look forward to walkin' in our next winter wonderland!

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