Game Night at Poplar Grove

On a recent Saturday at Poplar Grove, one group of elders got to show off their smarts, skills, and competitive spirit at Game Night in their shared Green HouseĀ® Cottage! Like any other family, these seniors enjoy getting together, playing games, swapping stories, and sharing some laughs.

To prepare for this evening of friendly competition, staff set up a large table in the communal dining room with a variety of games, a 750-piece jigsaw puzzle, and assorted snacks to nosh. With the stage perfectly set for great bonding among the elders, as well as elders and staff, it became really special when members of the Real Deal Ryders showed up. The Real Deal Ryders is a social club out of West Memphis with a true heart for community service and, clearly, a love for Game Night!

With several age groups represented, the night of gaming commenced. Some games required two players, while others were made for groups divided into teams. As the evening wore tirelessly on, sounds of joyful memory-making rang through the cottage.

Trivial Pursuit quickly became a crowd favorite, as everyone put on their thinking caps and challenged their brains to come up with winning answers. Working as a team, with multiple age groups represented, these Game Night Players found the correct spot for every single piece of their giant jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps the greatest anticipation, followed by even greater laughter, was sparked by the construction, and eventual crashing, of an impressively tall Jenga tower!

Anyone can reap the rewards of Game Night, but as a senior activity, it packs a powerful punch. Puzzles, trivia, and other brain games stimulate the cerebral cortex, creating dopamine, the "happy hormone" responsible for vital brain function. Strategy games, like Jenga, hone decision-making skills and improve hand-eye coordination. Playing games, in general, is a wonderful distraction that can lower stress and lift spirits.

Game Night was such a success that this cottage is already looking forward to the next one! If you have a loved one who lives in one of our central Arkansas cottages and you'd like to compete in an upcoming Game Night, challenge accepted! Just reach out to us for details, and we'll meet you at the Jenga tower!

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